Tuesday, 13 March 2012



So this is it then.. The love the boy spoke of.

Where is the boy who looked at the girl with open contentment and a renewed faith in love? The boy who proclaimed to have never known beauty before he had known that the girl would blossom to exceed any expectations. Where is the boy who stood on the other side of the door and in an ernest  out-pour of what lied beneath said he loved the girl? The boy who looked through the window and caused the girl to lose all sense of sensibility when his eyes took her in and his eyes concurred with what his lips uttered. Where is the boy said to find peace when he held the girl in his arms? Boy who mused at the rhythmic beat of the girls faithful heart.

Boy where are you?
No wait.........

Is this really it then?
The love the girl kept aside in her heart for the boy. The girl who loved with a love sure as the steady approach of a new day. She who knew no other joy but that of hearing the boys hearty laugh. The girl who lost all sense of stupid time in his arms, looking at him and wanting nothing more than to freeze that stupid time. Where is the girl who believed in love and love alone? The girl who never thought herself foolhardy in matters of the heart, girl who now knows doubt and wonders... Where is the girl who looked at the boy with every faith in love and love alone? 

Girl where are you?
No wait........
Candy where are you? 


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