Tuesday, 3 April 2012



They call me strange, imperfect.. They say I'm not tall enough, not pretty enough and my smile is not wide enough. I smile and note silently to myself that surely I am in this world but not of this world...

You see they don't see, I am abstract. When I look in the mirror I see my Creators perfect hand staring back at me. The One who made me is not One to make mistakes. You see my Creator makes the seasons change at the right time, He makes day into night, He makes the grass grow and my Creator makes trees bear fruit at the right time. I too am a masterpiece that was born of this wise and beautiful hand..

The hand that wakes me up to a new day every morning, the hand that gave me feet that I may follow in His footsteps, hands that I may work in His field. My creator gave me ears to hear His word and a beautiful mind that I may tell the difference between right and wrong. My Master gave me eyes and with these eyes I see my Master's glory, I see He made each and every one of us different, I see that He made me different from the the next man so that I may be strong where he is weak..

Yes I am strange, I may not be what the world wants me to be but I know that I am exactly what He wanted me to be. He has made me as such so that I may serve my purpose with perfection. He tends me with love, listens patiently, guides me, reprimands me, He walks with me always.. My Master died for me.

The say I am strange, I smile. Yes I am imperfect in the eyes of the created but I am perfect in the eyes of my Creator. He created me that I may, like the tree bear fruit at the right time, in His time. 

So when the world labels me, I answer the world with this "Yes I am abstract, deep are the waters that flow within me"



  1. not a thing wrong with being strange...and i love that when you look in the mirror you see the creators hand upon you...this world only tries to limit beauty in small definitions...great verse candy

  2. Thanks Brian, that it true. One just needs to know their worth and they're halfway there.

  3. This is really lovely Candy. It's so true all they way thru. There's so much that people don't understand about themselves and yet they always turn that outward to make others odd and strange. You are beautiful, as God wants you to be.

  4. Thanks Charles. People don't reach for their dreams because they don't realise what a powerful force they are. Sadly the world has set a standard one assumes thats the standard to meet and yet life is not there.

  5. it is truly a privilege to be able to live amongst nature

  6. Yes Lucy is it, it opens the eyes to a profound sort of existence.