Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'm in the eye.

Yes you heard me, I AM IN THE EYE!!!

I'm looking all around me and all I see is destruction,fear,helplessness, pain and tears. I look to my left and the wind that blows there sweep me away that I may lose all sense of direction... That I may forget to where I come from, where I am and where I am going. A force that promises to shatter my entire being to mere tendrils with just an insignificant whiff.
I quickly look to my right and things look a little worse, the sky opens up and the rain falls with a devilish might, uprooting and sweeping everything in its wake. I watch as everything I ever knew, all that I know and all that I ever would know disappears in an insignificant blink. It is not me who cries but the heart, I bid the heart peace be still for we are home. I cannot bear to witness this so I turn to look back..

The back is at its worst, the river being fed by the torrent rain from on my right swells and I hear its angry roar approach from afar. It threathens to take with it the essence of my being with an insignificant sway of its current..
Let me look ahead, let me leave I was, what I knew, and look towards what I could become, let me turn away from the winds which rattle me to the core, the rain which leaves me desolate, the river which selfishy wipes all trace of my being. But behold there stands in front of me a darkness which welcomes me with open arms. It grins wickedly as it comes closer, threatening to envelope me in its wretched power that stands to make me an insignificant blur of what was, in distant memories. 

But little do all these forces know, I am in the eye of the cyclone, yes the storms bring insignificant destruction, fear, helplessness, pain and tears. I look above me and I my heart finds peace, I am safe in the eye, I will hold fast onto my faith which is the essence of my past, present and future..
Go on wind, blow with all your might, you too rain, pour out all that you have left in your dark depths, increase the mighty roar of that river.. Yes you to darkness, swallow me if you dare.. I fear nothing in the eye, seated next to the Most High.. The eyes keeps me at peace amidst this crazy cyclone that I call life..


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