Tuesday, 3 April 2012

This I Know For Sure!

This I Know For Sure!

Surely you must have lost your hands because I know you could never let me go unless you have lost your hands.. No, not you.

Your arms, are you not to hold me in your arms sans the hands?? 
Are you not to keep me safe and warm when your grip fails, surely your arms too you have lost..

Yes your arms you have lost but what of your legs?? 
Were they not meant to walk besides me and shadow me from the harsh rays of this world??
Yes your legs too you have lost.
You have either arms nor legs but what of the sweet words i long to hear, words of love, comfort and encouragement,words that give me peace in the night time. 

Surely you have lost your lips.
Surely your ears have gone deaf otherwise you would have taken heed to these words.. 
Where is that ear that listened with patience and understanding?? 
The ears too you have lost.

Yes you have lost all but what of your eyes?
 Can you not see the pains i go through, the tears i cry? 
Were your eyes not meant to see what lies within and your gaze hold me when your arms fail, follow where the legs wont go?..
 Your eyes to speak the words i long to hear, to assure me that you hear my every word, 
Oh yes you surely are without eyes for I know you would look upon me always..

I know you have lost all..but have you lost your heart too.
 The heart that promised to go where ever i go, that beat that gives me courage,comfort and surerity.. 
I know your heart would feel,walk,speak,hear and see me always, that heart which is all I would ever needed.

I am certain you have lost your heart or you would not have let me go, no, not you, not love.. This i know for sure.



  1. oh what a struggle in the after...to understand why it has happened....sometimes i dont think we ever will....what have they lost to let us go...i like your creative ponderings around it candy...

  2. This is very...well...poetic! (And now I am singing this song: "I Ain't Got No Body.")

  3. Thank you for your kind comments.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments.