Monday, 4 June 2012

All about me.....

It has always been about me hasn't it?Even before I was born I was born,it had been about me.You ask where I get the right to make such bold proclaimations from?Well let me tell you how it all began...

You see,my God nne, He chose to make me. He took His time,He planned and mapped my life.Now my God, He could have been anywhere else,He could have been doing anything..but my God chose to mould and chissel me.
You see,He could have chosen to sit at His throne and bask in the songs of praise sung by the Angels in ernest,but God,He chose to make my form..As the Psalmist sang,I too testify that He created my inward parts and knit me together in my mothers womb..
God could have been watching the beauty of nature,the splendours that tell of His works. 
But my God chose to take His time creating me. He took the time to carve my mind, He took the time to breathe a resolute spirit into my being..He took time to stand back and marvel at His work,He was satisfied... 
And it was all about me..

Candy Morrow

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