Monday, 11 June 2012

How do you feel???

If at the end of the today you feel you have nothing to be grateful for,remember that life in itself is a gift..and not a single breath is in vain on God's watch.. 

If you felt sad, like no hurt cut any deeper... Remember the little girl who woke on an empty stomach and walked barefoot to school, remember how she watched her hands with tear-rimmed eyes as her peers merrily savoured every last crumb of lunch.

Feel like the world is confusing you? Like you cannot function of your own devices and will any longer..? Remember the young boy whos been robbed of his livelyhood by drugs, a choice he made in playful curiosity that he now calls Master. How he follows blindly where his adversary leads, defunct of will and choice. 

Do you feel like you cannot face another day?
Remember the decriepit parent who lingers on more than lives. How he thoughts of sadness are the only company he has, realising how much of a burden he has become to the children he bore and reared. How he sits and eagerly awaits the day his last breath should be drawn and he will know peace at last..

You may feel abandoned at times, like the world has its back on you.. Remember the baby who lies in the gutter, not knowing of day or noght. The little lamb who was so deplorable in his mother's sight that she left him to be fed on by dogs.. 

You may feel as though everyone finds joy in bringing your name to disrepute, see how everyone seems to look at you with disapproval... Won't you remember Mary, a woman who was shunned by the very people who lay with her in the dark. How they shamed her and how society readily wrote her off. 

Now at times, you may feel like you're being crucified... Remember Jesus, the Man who hung on the cross for your and my sins.. The man who was beaten, spat on, mocked, and ultimately died the shameful death of a sinner when He had never tasted sin.. 

Remember that God has a plan for you, that He has promised.. He has kept you alive for a reason. 
While you read this, remember that millions would have given their lives just to read for two more minutes..
Candy Morrow

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