Thursday, 21 June 2012

In the still of the night..

In the still of the night I find peace with Thee.
No tarrying, no boisterious din of the day,
just You and I..
I look across to You and Your smile lifts my burden,
You know all I've been through today.
It is written in compassion on Your brow.
I feel I have no right to waste Your time with my silly doubts which I dismiss as nonsense,
But Your eyes plead with me, You implore..
You have the answers I seek.
I fear You will not understand,
and yet You search me with tears in Your eyes.

Your tears give me peace...
You feel what I feel,
Your will is to enlighten me,
You will that I should speak with You without fear,
that I should trust in Your power..
I recount all the prayers I have prayed,
and You finish all the lines.
You recite a prayer lost to me,
carved deep in my memories and yet it is carved in Your heart.
You heard my prayers..
The tears in Your eyes show me Your love and understanding.

I ask You if I will ever understand Your ways?
You tell me that the answer is within me.
I hold on to my faith and watch the night go by with You in tow.
In the still of the night when the tears You shed for me fall onto an open heart.
When the peace cannot be broken by man or storm.
In the still of the night when I am one with You Lord.

Candy Morrow


  1. hey there is a comment box now...smiles...i love the worship in this candy....esp that last speaks to me where i am at right now...flagging spirit a bit in light of the storms...ironically i am holed up in a church right now waiting out the newest storm....some really great touches like...

    you recite a prayer lost to me...smiles...

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  3. The Lord is somewhat overshadowed by our busy lives. The blessings we recieve we tend to use as rafts to drift away from the Giver of all Gifts. And yet when in the middle of the night when your ocean swells, you find peace in rowing towards God.

    We can comment.. *can't stop chuckling*