Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Knock....

The void is widening,the pain sinks deeper. Fear shadows and danger lurks..
The unknown is at the door, knocking ever so patiently..
I grow cold, paralysed by the little inner voice's venomous whispers.
Silence has never been so loud..
His persistant knock soothes yet cripples.
My heart walks to the door and yet my legs are left behind..
Do I open the door?? Will the patient unknown ever cease to knock?

He is persistant this Unknown..
I cover my ears and shut my eyes as tight as my lids will allow,
But in my heart i can hear the dim thump thumping of His knock...
I look in my heart and find there the courage to lift my head,
Uncover my ears and slowly open my eyes..
The tide turns as the knock becomes urgent and I know...
I know that I cannot put it off any longer, the knock is here to stay,
It haunts my dreams day and night...
Slowly the courage in my heart is spread through  my body with every heartbeat,
My feet begin to move towards the door in little doubt- filled steps..
Could I be digging my own grave??

I get to the door and my heart is beating like a drum,
 In succession with the drums of all these demons i can no longer suppress,
The little venomous whisper growing bolder as the light seeping through the foot of the door grows brighter...
The handle feels like ice and as shivers run up and down the whisper becomes and aggressive voice..
I realise that the voice has been there always, vehementlyl pouring fear and doubt in my mind all the while.. 
She held my feet tight when my heart went ahead..
I hold on to the handle for dear life as her profanities of discouragement shatter my bones but my heart beats steadily on..
I muffle her voice with the steady drum beating in my heart.
And as I slowly open the door and the light gains power, the voices die..
Fear shadows me no more, the void is gone, all doubt is washed away.. 
I raise my listless eyes and there He is this unknown.. 
His smile laden with love faith and hope..
I am whole again..

Candy Morrow



  1. oh build the tension well here..My heart walks to the door and yet my legs are left behind..made me smile within the creeps it gave me..and glad about that happy ending.. big smiles..

  2. Thank you Claudia, your comment is much appreciated. I've come to learn that what we perpetuate fear without realising it. All the time we spend thinking of our fears seals the fear in much deeper. Just my observation.

  3. Oh, that inner critic can be a pernicious creature, I felt this one.

  4. this is a really amazing portrait of a soul caught between heaven and hell. The despair that fills us with so much dread and terror can freeze us in a state of questioning, when even the knock that will save us is seen as the source of the danger. I love how the demons voices grow stronger then suddenly vanish as the door is opened. What a real, tangible portrayal of salvation. This poem gives flesh and bones and blood to that beautiful Biblical passage about Jesus knocking at the door. All we have to do is open it... but that itself will require the very courage and spiritual combat that you draw for us so terribly, yet so necessarily.

  5. whew...i am glad for the release or the saving there in the end of the tension that you built candy...reading your comment, i agree with that as well...we do just that...

  6. Your comments are appreciated.. Salvation is always lurking, all we need do is accept it with an open heart free of all doubt.. A little faith can save a life..