Monday, 18 June 2012


Today is the dawn of a new day, I feel Him so close I could touch the hem of His garment. I hear His voice gently say, "I died that you may live."
 His resounding voice beating in tune with the joy I feel in my heart.
 The bass and the acoustic swaying in unison with that joy giving rise to a beautiful melody, a melody that tells of His love.
Indeed this is a new day, this melody lifts me off my feet and sets me on higher ground.
I may not know where the road leads from here on in, but I worry not, for His tender voice reminds me that tomorrow is not mine, and He will take care of me always, yes this beat in my heart makes a melody of peace, love and hope...
The melody I never imagined I could hear I now can feel all the way from heaven.
 A sound that sets me free from slavery and lifts me to greater heights.
 The melody of being one with my Saviour, the beautiful sound of everlasting peace, love and joy.
 A melody I want to hear with my entire mind, body and soul for as long as I shall walk this earth.
The sweet melody of God's love...
The melody that sets me apart...
 Oh how sweet the sound...

Candy Morrow

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