Wednesday, 24 October 2012

In her shoes..

In Her Shoes
By:Candy Morrow

 If you would walk a mile in her shoes
 I wonder if you would see her through new, wisened eyes.
 Would you come to respect how she smiles and runs around while her worn feet are hurting?
 The strength she pours into her duties, labouring day in and day out
 only to be sneered upon by her male counterparts.
 Would you respect her bravery, the grace she exudes as a mother,
 tirelessly falling and getting up and soothing her scars with a song of courage,
 hope and praise while walking stoutly on.
 Would you understand the unspoken pacts of sisterhood engraved deep in every woman’s heart?
 How she clothes her sister’s shame in a loving word of prayer.
 Would you then know the tears she sheds for you?
 love freely given seeking nothing in return… 
Would you see that all her searching eyes seek is a kind,
 reassuring word from the innermost rooms of your heart 
and hers is set alight with satisfaction and joy….
 Would you learn how to give more of yourself than she cares to keep?
 Would you heed her warnings, listen when she speaks?
 Would you embrace her in her fullness,
 will you know when it is time?

 I pray you walk a mile in that woman’s shoes and know her true worth..

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  1. A lovely tribute to motherhood and to womanhood ~

    Cheers ~