Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lady Luck.

Lady Luck...
I don't want to be lucky in love..
I certainly don't need the fluster and excitement of the lucky in love.
I've been lucky in love before, 
I've walked around with a smile that couldn't be placed to one certain thing.
I've spent my time holding hands,
sharing plans of what was be come and a life to be built.
Oh I was lucky in love alright.
The colour in my day, the spring in my step.
The love for everything and everyone,
the contagious laugh that never left my starry eye.
The contentment of knowing somewhere,
under the same sky, someone was dreaming of you too.
The sweet kisses,
the late night call which eventually would become an all night call.
Having someone to run to when the world was falling on your head..
The strong arms to hold you when tears wouldn't stop running.
I was lucky in love...
until Lady Luck turned her back on me and my luck ran out...
I don't wanna be lucky in love..
I will wait until a blessing comes my way.

 Candy Morrow


  1. I like this, the idea of being blessed in love....that fills me with a hope of sorts. I too have been lucky in love.


  2. Its the only way we will have a lasting love.. A love filled with love..

  3. waiting on that blessing is a wonderful thing...i do think love takes a bit of luck along the way...i wont discount that....but i do like it as a

  4. I think part of what you are talking about here is the difference between attraction and love! One feels lucky, the other is. You well express the anxiety. k.

  5. nice prose. Love the repetition. Excellent write/read. Thanks

  6. Love is a blessing :) lovely write.