Thursday, 20 September 2012

He gave her water..

Water that is life...
Water that was not the water saddled on her hip,
ready to be carried on her head.
She was neither thirsty nor was she hungry,
and yet, He gave her water.
She knew nothing of the water He was willing to freely give,
she knew nothing of herself, her hunger, her thirst....
She was ignorant of the need she had for Him,
but He gave her water..
He gave her water, the water of life.
Water that cleansed her from her head to her feet.
The water that quenched a desire from deep within
and satisfied body and soul.
Water that mirrored a beauty thought
to be lost to her for ever and never to be recovered again.
Yes He gave her water.
 He washed all her iniquities away..
She hungered no more,
the repugnant former woman was to be seen no more.
The dale of a perilous life passed
had been cleansed and new life sprung forth,
mind free of all fear and doubting of self.
Yes He gave her water and she knew love...
Set apart from the sin her body had known,
the works of her sinful hands and
the paths her feet had walked time and time again in the dark.
The insubordinate digression of her being
washed away and her life restored.
Oh will you look and see the beauty that is her,
how love flows without restraint
from a body once beaten by disparaging words spoken by you and me.
See how she now glides as she is enveloped by a light of purity,
her beautiful hands working His wonderful works.
We had deemed her unworthy, labelled her, spat on her, shamed her..
We turned our backs on her cries for liberation from her transgressions.
We may have shunned her you and I,
but He gave her water.
The water of life...
                                                                                                              by: Candy Morrow

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