Thursday, 11 October 2012


I know I’m happy…
Why wouldn’t I be?
He showers me with an earnest love,
Loves my smile and compliments my dress.
Pays attention to every thing I do
And hangs on my every word. 

He wakes me up with words spoken
From a willing heart,
our souls Merged in the twilight.
When he holds my hand his love leads
To depths of love not known to me before.
Why wouldn’t I be happy when in him I love you.?

Let’s talk about his countenance,
How his eyes sap me in telling of
A bountiful beauty that resides within him.
The seeping in of a soft glow and the deliberate
Consumption of my person that lights the fire
Burning deep within him.
Why would I not be happy when every time
He looks at me a tenderness flows through his veins?
When I can look for you in the complex folds
Of a love uninhibited?

My heart makes excuses for you
So my accusing soul may be lulled.
How can I not be happy when every time
His gentle voice beckons it takes my heart to you
In a serenading breeze ?
When he fulfills every promise love made
With just the surety in his voice.

Talk to me…..
When he smiles at me I smile back at you…
In his eyes I seek answers from you….
Resonant silence has never cut so deep…

Candy Morrow