Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little City- A sonnet

Little city that shadows me 
Trailing tirelessly across the land 
Futility reigns in your wake don't you see? 
Your theatrical tenacity threatning to disband? 

I cannot consider you friend nor adversary 
With your abridged version of love in tow 
A pawned aegis with your mind you marry 
I pray you, wait till the tempest tries you in the morrow 

My pugnacious heart is your unsolicited barrister 
But I will not humour this futile debate 
Veiled in borrowed valour your eyes deeply sinister 
Your barrister quails at your sight for it cannot relate 

Little ill-intentioned city that is called a friend 
Beleaguered your city has come to an end

Candy Morrow


  1. I can feel the sadness of the beleaguered city. I enjoyed your sonnet form!

  2. hey candy! great to see you! there is a sadness as this draws to a close...those middle stanzas are nice and twisty...ha i like your way with words...

  3. Dark and deep and rich. These words:

    "But I will not humour this futile debate
    Veiled in borrowed valour your eyes deeply sinister"

    ...especially magnified the tone. I like the play between darkness, shadows, and strength.