Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Birthday Prose

Today I reached the 29 years of age mark
And I cried..
For the joy I feel in my heart then I see the beauty that surrounds me
The imperfections that mould us together as a family
The quarrels and silent treatments that end in smoke from a familiar joke
I looked around and I noted that this is where love was taught to me from birth
Where faith in myself and others was instilled and love abound
I cried for the love bestowed upon me, unworthy as I am.

This last year has was filled with much of everything
To the last ends that any mind can fly to
And thus I cry
I walked in the path of dark uncertainty and deep sorrow
I look at myself and I wonder, Who am I?
How did I get this far?
And the answer lies in my faith
He who knit me in my mother’s womb
Gave me life, gave my parents joy, my friends a light
And the giver of all gifts,
Praise be to God who sits in the heavens above

I cry because I’m wide awake and can tell of these stories
Because of the new lease on life that I have been blessed with
I cry with joy in my heart because Jesus is my friend
And today is a new day, a new year, a new chance to make my voice heard
I cry because of the beauty that is called friendship
How we have carried each other on weary shoulders through the year
Meeting new friends, rejoicing in the little victories
Caring, sharing and giving love a try
Counting every blessing

I cry not because of the dark days
I cry because I live

My tears are a sacred testament to life and the living.
To the mounts of trouble I’ve overcome, the lessons learnt
I say, “Thank You”
My tears were never in vain
Today I shed a different tear
Today I cry for new life
Today is a Happy Birthday

 Love: Candy Morrow


  1. you did make it! glad you found a connection or your computer is working again...and happy birthday...i am glad you acknowledge as well that it is your faith that got you this far...and the humility of tears over it as well...i hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday! 29 seems like yesterday to me... and even though it's been awhile, I can still remember much of the same. It's good to focus on the positives.

  3. This life is much too hard to tackle on our own. Despite the many wonderful blessings, it is our faith that carries us when they are out of view. You share a wonderful testimony for your special day...here's to the next 29!

  4. Happy Birthday to you.
    You know, it is only as we grow older we begin to realise, we grow in enlightenment from the obstacles that life throws our way. It's how we handle them all which decides on the good or the bad which happens as a consequence. Our lives are a gift to us, it what we use with that gift that we give back to God by way of thanks. I'm so glad you are happy in your faith and have such joy in your life too.
    Thanks for the visit.

  5. Thank you for all your comments. It was a happy birthday indeed.

  6. Candy, first, happy birthday! How nice of you to give US a gift on your big 29. You're just hitting your stride now, babe, and recognizing the gifts you have been granted, both by family and by your Creator, show an immense heart and a ticking brain. Finally, the gift of tears is the best. A "cry for happy" is as important as weeping when you're sad. It helps purify the body and soul. You are a blessing, girl. Keep growing, flexing, writing. Peace, Amy