Saturday, 15 December 2012

'Tis in this lifetime

'Tis in this lifetime
That all the life within me shall be lived
To reach heights my mind never conceived
Till its dire straits are memories sublime

Discharging all diffidence do not be decieved
'Tis in this lifetime
That I shall revel in the days of my prime
Till this body of my spirit is relieved

These lips will exude a chime
When my soul with these words is reprieved
'Tis in this lifetime
That joy will be recieved

With these hands my destiny shall be weaved

 With unabashed vigour my pupose achieved
When joy will knock not guised as a pantomime
Yes, 'tis in this lifetime

Candy Morrow


  1. weaving destiny with our own hands..think that's the part that caught me most..we can do a good deal to make our life and the world around us a better place and we really should take this chance

  2. will happen in your life time if that is what you put your hands to....destiny doesnt come to those that sit and wait on it....revel on....make a life of it candy...smiles.

  3. Really dig this piece...nice flow, wonderful message. thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this, in this lifetime to truly live and experience all life has to offer and find, have joy. Lovely.

  5. I absolutely Love this piece..