Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Martyr... He hangs upside down from my washing line with feet pegged next to my white sheets, there he is vivid in all his dark glory.. Peace is written on his face as his bloody wounded body sways in unison with the sheets as the wind blows gently in the morning sun.. They have taken him away from me and you... The sadness i felt that day does not compare to the sadness that fills my heart this evening.. I realise that his untimely death was the end of our life as we know it... With all the present day events, turmoil, the hate and sorrow within our midst how do we survive?? Could it be that on that spring morning i was there to bear witness of the dawn of a new day, could i have witnessed the begining of the end? Even now as I watch him in his boyish banter even now as i record my thoughts, i want to believe that this martyr will be a different kind of matyr, but in the depths of my heart i know that the though our martyr may be amongst us still, the end to life as we know it has come. Candy Morrow