Thursday, 11 October 2012

The intricacies of a quagmire..

Letters to God
The intricacies of a quagmire..

I came here for a swim but this beauty is rather rowdy this afternoon.
Well I'm content, just sitting here liaising with you Yahweh.

Allow me to extend my greetings,
to give Praise to You who presides over us.
The Majestic Power that reigns over heaven,
earth and the world below.
You most probably know all I have to say
even though I myself am not sure.
 Again, Glory be to You God.

I'm writing mainly because I seek answers Old Friend,
This world has enveloped me in a cloud of deep uncertainty.
I had it all in the palm of my hand,
I touched it, I felt it....
It was my compass North, and now it is no more.
I'm buried deep in a despondant dale,
Lost in the toil and yearning to see Your face.
When all these emotions engulf my mind and wade my being
I long for You to reveal Yourself yourself to me.
To shine a light on the path You have set for me,
To assure me that You are indeed walking with me still.

But the more I think of this, the less sense it makes.
And it reminds me that my sensory perceptions are that of a mere mortal.
That my understanding cannot go beyond what the eye sees and perceives.
Would you look around me even now, the blue in the sky,
The vastness, the depth of the ocean.
The myriad of wonders created with just a command,
Your command.

I cannot begin to describe the works of Your Hand..
When I see all these wonders around me..
My heart enamoured by the enrapture of familiarity,
I realise that it was by no err that I was made with such heavenly grandeur.
Thus I pray You, do not reveal Yourself to me Oh Lord.
Do not make known to me the path You have set for me,
Lest my fallible form is consumed by Your Glory. ......
and so armed with blessings and faith I will trudge on.
When nothing makes sense all I know is to call on You Lord,
Allow me to bask in Your Presence.
Thus, I will wait on You Oh Lord...

Your daughter
Candy Morrow


I know I’m happy…
Why wouldn’t I be?
He showers me with an earnest love,
Loves my smile and compliments my dress.
Pays attention to every thing I do
And hangs on my every word. 

He wakes me up with words spoken
From a willing heart,
our souls Merged in the twilight.
When he holds my hand his love leads
To depths of love not known to me before.
Why wouldn’t I be happy when in him I love you.?

Let’s talk about his countenance,
How his eyes sap me in telling of
A bountiful beauty that resides within him.
The seeping in of a soft glow and the deliberate
Consumption of my person that lights the fire
Burning deep within him.
Why would I not be happy when every time
He looks at me a tenderness flows through his veins?
When I can look for you in the complex folds
Of a love uninhibited?

My heart makes excuses for you
So my accusing soul may be lulled.
How can I not be happy when every time
His gentle voice beckons it takes my heart to you
In a serenading breeze ?
When he fulfills every promise love made
With just the surety in his voice.

Talk to me…..
When he smiles at me I smile back at you…
In his eyes I seek answers from you….
Resonant silence has never cut so deep…

Candy Morrow