Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Birthday Prose

Today I reached the 29 years of age mark
And I cried..
For the joy I feel in my heart then I see the beauty that surrounds me
The imperfections that mould us together as a family
The quarrels and silent treatments that end in smoke from a familiar joke
I looked around and I noted that this is where love was taught to me from birth
Where faith in myself and others was instilled and love abound
I cried for the love bestowed upon me, unworthy as I am.

This last year has was filled with much of everything
To the last ends that any mind can fly to
And thus I cry
I walked in the path of dark uncertainty and deep sorrow
I look at myself and I wonder, Who am I?
How did I get this far?
And the answer lies in my faith
He who knit me in my mother’s womb
Gave me life, gave my parents joy, my friends a light
And the giver of all gifts,
Praise be to God who sits in the heavens above

I cry because I’m wide awake and can tell of these stories
Because of the new lease on life that I have been blessed with
I cry with joy in my heart because Jesus is my friend
And today is a new day, a new year, a new chance to make my voice heard
I cry because of the beauty that is called friendship
How we have carried each other on weary shoulders through the year
Meeting new friends, rejoicing in the little victories
Caring, sharing and giving love a try
Counting every blessing

I cry not because of the dark days
I cry because I live

My tears are a sacred testament to life and the living.
To the mounts of trouble I’ve overcome, the lessons learnt
I say, “Thank You”
My tears were never in vain
Today I shed a different tear
Today I cry for new life
Today is a Happy Birthday

 Love: Candy Morrow

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mr Windmill

Image by SueAnn

In rural Transkei

Roads winding uphill
The dust attacking my weak chest
I see a windmill for the first time
And all is forgotten
My young mind is enchanted by your serenity
Eyes wider than the familiar saucers
“You are never in a hurry are you Sir?”, I say
The boys pump tirelessly though with much effort
And I watch and wonder if he too drank of your spoils
If he played in the mud of your pools
He was a good man wasn’t he?
The kettle boils and all I see is your wheel turning
Blades vividly cutting through the wind
Little did I know
His own wind had been cut  
And I was there to lay his soul to rest
Rest in Peace Old Man

Its rural Transkei yet again
I see another windmill in the horizon
I’m older now and can’t wait to look you through
Your sultry motions entrance me
In my mind’s eye I touch your blades
Feeling each one as if to seek answers
I know you have the answers I seek
You wind away, going about your business as usual
Your head in the sky but your spirit down low
They live off you, the crops would be nothing without you
I watch the crops sway with the wind
The cattle drinking from puddles at your feet
The village women with calabashes and buckets on their heads
Laughing wildly as the climb the hill home
You fuel their livelyhood
You are a blessing and that cannot be denied
You seem to bow at me with dignity that cannot be told
I build an alliance with you in a whisper
You row faster with the wind
And I know we have an allegiance
When I see you again I will shed a different tear

If only you could speak to me
I have questions for you
I wonder if you’re the Grim Reaper  
Every time I see you
I know I have to lay a loved one to rest on Sunday
You give life
But death seems to follow you closely behind
Rest  in Peace Uncle

Candy Morrow
My offering for @dVerse Poets tonight, Brian Miller at the handle..  I chose the windmill because it spoke to me once in a lifetime.  Thank you SueAnn and Brian.
My first two encounters with the windmill  in parts of rural Transkei, I was a child then..and death seemed to loom where the windmill gave life.