Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Peace be with me

A stealthy silence looms 

Wide awake I watch it progess 
Listening to the beat of my own heart 
Louder than the pang of loneliness 
That hangs over my head 
Peace be with me 

Peace be with me 

And the woman within me 
The steady beat of her heart, strangling her courage 
The very blood running through her veins 
Splayed on a periphery of insanity 
Her nakedness, clothed with uncertainty 
Cascading tears, pausing nimbly on the contours of her forlorn face 
Attemping to soothe lines 
Etched by pains beating deep in her heart 
Bereft of life, by life's own hand 
Peace be with her 

Peace be with her, and the child within me 

Seasoned eyes, clothe her bare back 
For she cannot know, the troubles laid before her 
A reveille rings, breaking the tormenting comfort 
Born to heal nations, her guileless soul whimpers 
Unconscious of the power bestowed upon her little shoulders 
Peace be with her 

Peace be with me 

On a path narrow I trod 
My heart bare, I bring it before You 
Wide awake, my soul I place in Your hands 
Peace be with me, as my heart is healed 
Tis the power bestowed upon me 
I am here to claim 

And Peace be with me 

As I travel with You 

Candy Morrow 

Emotions are running high at dVerse tonight... Thank you bartender.