Thursday, 11 April 2013

A lawless love

    A lawless love

When love is self-detrimental
Who is to blame?
The need to love another mutes all sensibility,
It heightens sensitivity.
I’m a lover of beings
And lover of love,
My greatest strength is my greatest weakness,
Vanity the sinking sand poses as concrete.
I’m of an invidious nature I suppose-

So hard it is to hold one’s own hand,
Perhaps there’s reason to this madness.
I’ve seen love soar to the greatest heights,
Felt its whirlpool strangle me at its worst
And so I know, this is not love.
Looking for a reason with no voice,
To watch it bow in submission 
But I know the truth, it is simple.
This bears no colour of love,
It wears no mask,
This is no charade
I am to blame.

Lawless lover:
Candy Morrow


  1. We all are to blame, but that are a few reasons without a voice. abstract :)

  2. Hey Candy, it was good to hear from you again - you have a brave and honest soul that makes your words sparkle... Best to you girl Scott x

  3. The complexity of human interaction laid bare, with the vagaries of love and our culpability in its loss explicated. Nicely done.

  4. It's so true that our greatest weaknesses are also our greatest strengths, and with love it can become so muddled!

  5. Beautiful. Love is a complex thing, and in my way of thinking, undefineable; a mystery, a vapor, with a name.

  6. I specially like the ending lines of the second verse ~ Very sharp and very honest ~

  7. I’m a lover of beings
    And lover of love...and it is so often the case that our biggest strength are also our biggest weakness...