Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fragments of us.

Photo credits: Leovi

Its okay
     Shatter my heart
          Ridicule my blood, sweat, my tears
              Rob me of my hopes and dreams
                  Spit on my years of endless toil.
                     Mock my incessant pleas to The Most High.
Worldly Works of Wordless Wisdom
      Fruitless Faith in Form-Fitting Futility,
          Swim swiftly in the red rivers of our blood
              Dance, drunken on our sweat and tears.
                   Build your house with the fruits of our labour,
                       Raise your majestic roof with our hopes and dreams


Remember my incessant pleas to The Most High

Love: Candy Morrow

Tonight Brian is hosting with a bit of abstraction, gets me everytime.  Thanks to dVerse Poets for introducing me to Leovi, the works speak for themselves.
This beautiful fragmented glass reminds me of shattered dreams and hopes, no of our own doing but of the world’s doing.  This prompt is an awakening for me, an encouragement and a reminder.  Thanks again Leovi.


  1. this just makes me wanna's not's wrong to build the own house on the ruins of someone elses..this just made me think of the event with ahab and elijah on mount carmel..when the baal's prophets danced and cut themselves and their god just didn't hear cause he was powerless or not interested at all...ha...see..sometimes poetry takes us to strange places..smiles

  2. Oh Claudia, I'm happy to have journeyed with you to that specific passage. It is one of my favourite bible stories to date. I had Kings Solomon and David in mind too when I wrote this piece.

  3. ...but remember this world is only a place where all life forms live... we people are who resides in it.. and we are the foremost responsible for all the things we do & take in this world... of course calamities, storms, floods are fortuitous events but we are in control... we cannot avoid these events in life for they normally come but we can always prevent by doing something ... doing requires action... and action requires cooperation... cooperation requires consistency, continuity and not for a day or two but def as long as we want to preserve life in every forms & shapes in this world... smiles...

  4. nice....i like the alliteration in the second stanza it gets it really going for me...and how in the end you bring it back to what is really important...because the house you build does not matter nearly as much as the foundation it sits upon....

  5. Wonderful and anguished cries.. It's not ok (of course) and this works on so many levels - talking about injustice of the world. And I have a weakness for alliterations .. :-)

  6. I really like how your presentation impacts the poem.