Saturday, 25 May 2013

Magnetic Asian Stranger.

If I had my way.... 
I'd make a friend of him. 

I'd like to do nothing more 
than to sit side by side with him 
watching life go by. 

I want to watch his movements, 
learn of the reason behind each smile 
to listen to him speak, 
slumber on an out-pour of his deepest, 
darkest secrets. 

I want to ask him about every work 
of art etched deep into his skin, 
stories permanently engraved 
on his beautiful body 
for the duration of his life. 

A light about him draws me 
to this seemingly dark man, 
maybe this is good old enigma... 
Even so, let it be. 

His eyes let escape secrets to 
fertile fields of knowledge-
I want to know this Asian Stranger. 

we are governed by rules him and I. 

We can neither be together nor apart. 
Truth is, we can never be friends. 
All we can ever be is strangers.. 

...just one last look into his curious eyes. 
One smile from his nervous lips. 
And this is what we are. 
All we will ever be him and I. 
He will forever be, 
My Magnetic Asian Stranger 

Candy Morrow


  1. mmm...i would have a hard time with those rules...but if it afforded him respect i guess i would have to...the stories on his skin...nice i like that...alluring...

    this is for kelvins prompt last week?

  2. Ah this was a dilemma...

    We can neither be together nor apart.
    Truth is, we can never be friends.
    All we can ever be is strangers..

    those cultural gaps.. aren't we living with them daily... but maybe with time.

  3. oh this is so sad when the connection doesn't happen..was wondering as well if this is for kelvin's prompt last week?

  4. left me intrigued with that governed rules my friend... cuz as far as i'm concerned there is no rule good or justifiable enough to separate two different people from knowing & loving each other... it is only us who defines the gap between knowing & not knowing a person deeply that has actually never become real... sometimes we missed the possibility of what small or even meaningful deeds we might have accomplished somewhere with a stranger or among strangers only because we lack courage to try & pursue what we felt inside... smiles... i hope this makes you feel a bit better than the last... smiles...

  5. Thank you for your comments. The poem was intended for Kelvin's prompt last week but with technical difficulties and what have you, it came late.

    The line of work I'm in does not allow for inter-relations between the two parties as I am what you would call a service-provider and him a client in the business world. Unfortunately it is not the business world so the rules must apply, much like a teacher never making friends with a student.

  6. Intriguing Kelvin, the mystery of the rules which govern admiration from afar drew me in even more...enjoyable read.

  7. I'm a little worried about the rules and the reasons for them! Intriguing poem.