Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Siyanda Mlamleli

 Siyanda Mlamleli

Here we are.....
Words sunken deep in the ocean of our tears...

What do I say?
Where do I begin?
I've learnt not to ask why.
I hope you'll understand 'mntase'
I know, I don't know, I live..
Its not the tears in my eye that can wash away my pain
Its your voice, your laugh, a moment of love shared
Thoughts of you linger as I count your last weeks in one hand
The prayers, the pleas, the petitions to God.

       We do not understand His ways
        But I am to see you there..
       At a place where questions need not be asked
       A place where I'll hold your hand once more.
       To sit in your presence and know what love is,
       To have you sit in my corner when the winds blow my sails
       Reminding me of the strengh that lies within me.

       I'd like to write you a song
      My heart won't sing the words I long to share
      To unburden myself of this load I carry
      My spirit wills not to heal the wounds
      The welts left by your love long for a balm
      The salve of looking at you one more time
      A glint from your perfect teeth
      An embrace from my brother
      A nod from a best friend

     Some say its better this way, they don't know..
     The ray of light that shone from your presence
     Courage that moulded us from your tender hands
     The peace that was echoed by your hearty laugh
     Strength that flowed from your lips 
     From a fountain of wisdom from heaven above..

     The house is dark without you..
     The kids are making you 'I love you' notes,
     "We'll give them to 'bhuti' when we meet again  in heaven."
     The tears we cry can never suffice..
     The words we speak may blown away by the wind...
     You love remains engraved in our hearts.

                                                                    I don't know what to say..

                   I only wish I could show you..

                   If you could look into my eyes you would know..
                   They say it gets easier with time..
                   I'm looking at your smile, Oh I don't know..
                   To never see that smile agin, I don't know..
                   They say you're looking down on us,
                   We know you lie in your grave..
                   I know you can't hear me..
                   I know you can't read this..
                   But maybe God will make an exception this time..
                   Maybe He will read it to you Himself..
                   They shouldn't die young, should they?
                   "God, please tell him that we love him."
                    Rest In Peace Ntlane.

I never knew what losing a brother or a best friend felt like.
I never pathomed such pains
I never knew the soul to weep
But for your soul, my soul weeps

 Love: A sister and a best friend



  1. Thank u Candy, indeed the only thing that keeps us going is the hope of knowing that we will hold hands again as family in the new earth!

  2. when we get to that place where questions no longer have to be wonderful will that be...and to just sit in the presence....smiles...

  3. All the tears, enough to fill an ocean, all the words to fill the dictionaries won't suffice for the loss of the loved one lost. Time softens but doesn't change that empty hole in our lives. I know that pain - my heart bonds with yours.

  4. I miss you already. I have to constantly remind myself that you are gone forever. This is painful .I hope you knew how much we loved you.

  5. We shall meet by and by that beautiful shore..