Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fragments of us.

Photo credits: Leovi

Its okay
     Shatter my heart
          Ridicule my blood, sweat, my tears
              Rob me of my hopes and dreams
                  Spit on my years of endless toil.
                     Mock my incessant pleas to The Most High.
Worldly Works of Wordless Wisdom
      Fruitless Faith in Form-Fitting Futility,
          Swim swiftly in the red rivers of our blood
              Dance, drunken on our sweat and tears.
                   Build your house with the fruits of our labour,
                       Raise your majestic roof with our hopes and dreams


Remember my incessant pleas to The Most High

Love: Candy Morrow

Tonight Brian is hosting with a bit of abstraction, gets me everytime.  Thanks to dVerse Poets for introducing me to Leovi, the works speak for themselves.
This beautiful fragmented glass reminds me of shattered dreams and hopes, no of our own doing but of the world’s doing.  This prompt is an awakening for me, an encouragement and a reminder.  Thanks again Leovi.