Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Do you know that?

I wonder if you know 
how much of you lives within me still. 

Since the day you uttered those beautifully winged words 
Words dancing in the wind 
clothed in the delicate breathlessness 
of dandelions racing each other against a summer breeze. 
Words spoken from lips that had mouthed, "I love you," 
and brought my walls crumbling down and like chamber maidens 
the debris lay at your feet awaiting your command. 

Do you know that when another holds my hand 
its your face I see. 
The smile passed on to me when you held my hand 
The hand would say, 
"I'm yours and you are mine." 
The smile that would reverberate, 
"You have nothing to fear, I am here." 

I sometimes wonder if you are real, 
What if my mind had fashioned you out of every woman's dream? 
You told me of our tomorrows 
yet today my heart is bound to yesterday's promise. 
Promises made by your heart to mine 
annointed in a bow of gratitude to your Creator 
only to be broken in silent solitude. 

"It doesn't matter," 
I tell myself, the presence of your shadow has 
taught me to console myself with lies. 

"We were young," 
I try to explain to my heart 
when it calls out your name in my sleep. 

"I have moved on," 
I chide my restless soul for it knows the promise. 
It stood witness as the words sprung forth 
from your beautiful heart 
it opened the door when your vow came knocking. 

"It doesn't matter, 
It doesn't matter." 
I tell my heart when I pray for you 

I wonder if you remember that beautiful day 
The day those beautiful words that now haunt 
my harrowed heart escaped your lips. 
When you lie nestled in the arms of another 
do you remember the words, 

"Will you promise to love me,only me 
and will you promise to let me love you 
and never another till the end of our days?" 

Candy Morrow

After a long spell of not writing or not having the courage to write rather I heard the pen speak and I had to answer.. This poem was an easy target because I'm a love addict.. 

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