Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Peace be with me

A stealthy silence looms 

Wide awake I watch it progess 
Listening to the beat of my own heart 
Louder than the pang of loneliness 
That hangs over my head 
Peace be with me 

Peace be with me 

And the woman within me 
The steady beat of her heart, strangling her courage 
The very blood running through her veins 
Splayed on a periphery of insanity 
Her nakedness, clothed with uncertainty 
Cascading tears, pausing nimbly on the contours of her forlorn face 
Attemping to soothe lines 
Etched by pains beating deep in her heart 
Bereft of life, by life's own hand 
Peace be with her 

Peace be with her, and the child within me 

Seasoned eyes, clothe her bare back 
For she cannot know, the troubles laid before her 
A reveille rings, breaking the tormenting comfort 
Born to heal nations, her guileless soul whimpers 
Unconscious of the power bestowed upon her little shoulders 
Peace be with her 

Peace be with me 

On a path narrow I trod 
My heart bare, I bring it before You 
Wide awake, my soul I place in Your hands 
Peace be with me, as my heart is healed 
Tis the power bestowed upon me 
I am here to claim 

And Peace be with me 

As I travel with You 

Candy Morrow 

Emotions are running high at dVerse tonight... Thank you bartender.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

'Tis in this lifetime

'Tis in this lifetime
That all the life within me shall be lived
To reach heights my mind never conceived
Till its dire straits are memories sublime

Discharging all diffidence do not be decieved
'Tis in this lifetime
That I shall revel in the days of my prime
Till this body of my spirit is relieved

These lips will exude a chime
When my soul with these words is reprieved
'Tis in this lifetime
That joy will be recieved

With these hands my destiny shall be weaved

 With unabashed vigour my pupose achieved
When joy will knock not guised as a pantomime
Yes, 'tis in this lifetime

Candy Morrow

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sisterhood - The ties that bind.

Act 1 scene 2
                         {enter Woman}


If you do not have younger women and girls you call family then you may not understand the depth of the pain I feel when I witness a young girl seduce an older man.. You may not understand that sisterly love is not confined to a sister of the same blood. 

Flattering as it may seem to him, I wonder if he stops to wonder what his own are doing while he entertains another man's little princess ,shatters another man's hopes and dreams, his daughter. 

I know that the men should carry part of the blame, but lets refain from hiding behind the shadow of blame-shifting. It is but only a shadow. 
Ladies should we be pointing unclean fingers at all and sundry when we could be leading by example? 
I'm not ashamed to say, "I am imperfect and that to this day I am WITH my own faults." 
But do not be fooled into mistaking my faults for my defining traits. 
I am a woman of God and not a woman born of human flaws, therefore my flaws do not have the power to reconstruct the definition of me. 
                                                                                                             {music }

Name-calling your neighbours daughter over lunch to animate your guests, is this the moral fibre that threads through society? 

Know this, "I will fight for my sisters, I will not bow in shame or turn a blind eye, I will speak and you will listen!" 

It is not my place to keep a tally of the sins my a sister has commited, not my place to tell of her story when I've never walked in her shoes. 
My place is to love, to pray for the revival of a spirit of sisterhood amongst us, to embrace and praise every woman for the efforts that they make towards a better life. 

I may not change the world or save it, but if one young woman pays heed to my voice, then my life as a woman will not have been in vain. 

Love:Candy Morrow

A poem written for dVerse Poets Pub in the First Person Narrative.. The poem was inspired by a scene I witnessed while out on the town last night. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sending you my love

Darling Former Lover

I write to send you my love

I cannot keep my love for you any longer
The love I carry for you is burdensome and it lays heavy on my heart
It erodes my soul and like a pregnant dam floods my eyes with tears

You may not be worth my forgiveness
But your resident love wipes your slate clean
It keeps the peace between you and I when my temper flares
My love for you understands when I refuse to see in your light
It imposes reason on me, armed with promises of a better tomorrow in love

The love I have for you calls softly on my heart and forms an ally against me
Whispers gently to my soul as they lay together adrift a cloud of mutual understanding
My love still smiles at the mention of your name
I would rather not hear you name at all
It still sees the best in you
When all I wish to see is a path leading away from you

I do not understand why my love behaves this way
I cannot fully understand the emotions I go through
What I do understand is that my love for you is a traitor
It longs to see your face, hear your voice and kiss your lips
It has vivid memories of your compassion and warmth
Love argues that it will not let you go
My love is Missing You in spite of me wishing you away

Please find enclosed my love for you
I do not have any use for it
I long for freedom, my heart and soul yearn for peace
Freedom that I shall feel sans the burden of my love for you
Please accept my love and set me free

Love lost:
Candy Morrow

 This poem was written for @dVersePoets with Stuart McPherson hosting the bar.. Meeting the bar..

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Birthday Prose

Today I reached the 29 years of age mark
And I cried..
For the joy I feel in my heart then I see the beauty that surrounds me
The imperfections that mould us together as a family
The quarrels and silent treatments that end in smoke from a familiar joke
I looked around and I noted that this is where love was taught to me from birth
Where faith in myself and others was instilled and love abound
I cried for the love bestowed upon me, unworthy as I am.

This last year has was filled with much of everything
To the last ends that any mind can fly to
And thus I cry
I walked in the path of dark uncertainty and deep sorrow
I look at myself and I wonder, Who am I?
How did I get this far?
And the answer lies in my faith
He who knit me in my mother’s womb
Gave me life, gave my parents joy, my friends a light
And the giver of all gifts,
Praise be to God who sits in the heavens above

I cry because I’m wide awake and can tell of these stories
Because of the new lease on life that I have been blessed with
I cry with joy in my heart because Jesus is my friend
And today is a new day, a new year, a new chance to make my voice heard
I cry because of the beauty that is called friendship
How we have carried each other on weary shoulders through the year
Meeting new friends, rejoicing in the little victories
Caring, sharing and giving love a try
Counting every blessing

I cry not because of the dark days
I cry because I live

My tears are a sacred testament to life and the living.
To the mounts of trouble I’ve overcome, the lessons learnt
I say, “Thank You”
My tears were never in vain
Today I shed a different tear
Today I cry for new life
Today is a Happy Birthday

 Love: Candy Morrow