Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Knock....

The void is widening,the pain sinks deeper. Fear shadows and danger lurks..
The unknown is at the door, knocking ever so patiently..
I grow cold, paralysed by the little inner voice's venomous whispers.
Silence has never been so loud..
His persistant knock soothes yet cripples.
My heart walks to the door and yet my legs are left behind..
Do I open the door?? Will the patient unknown ever cease to knock?

He is persistant this Unknown..
I cover my ears and shut my eyes as tight as my lids will allow,
But in my heart i can hear the dim thump thumping of His knock...
I look in my heart and find there the courage to lift my head,
Uncover my ears and slowly open my eyes..
The tide turns as the knock becomes urgent and I know...
I know that I cannot put it off any longer, the knock is here to stay,
It haunts my dreams day and night...
Slowly the courage in my heart is spread through  my body with every heartbeat,
My feet begin to move towards the door in little doubt- filled steps..
Could I be digging my own grave??

I get to the door and my heart is beating like a drum,
 In succession with the drums of all these demons i can no longer suppress,
The little venomous whisper growing bolder as the light seeping through the foot of the door grows brighter...
The handle feels like ice and as shivers run up and down the whisper becomes and aggressive voice..
I realise that the voice has been there always, vehementlyl pouring fear and doubt in my mind all the while.. 
She held my feet tight when my heart went ahead..
I hold on to the handle for dear life as her profanities of discouragement shatter my bones but my heart beats steadily on..
I muffle her voice with the steady drum beating in my heart.
And as I slowly open the door and the light gains power, the voices die..
Fear shadows me no more, the void is gone, all doubt is washed away.. 
I raise my listless eyes and there He is this unknown.. 
His smile laden with love faith and hope..
I am whole again..

Candy Morrow


Monday, 4 June 2012

All about me.....

It has always been about me hasn't it?Even before I was born I was born,it had been about me.You ask where I get the right to make such bold proclaimations from?Well let me tell you how it all began...

You see,my God nne, He chose to make me. He took His time,He planned and mapped my life.Now my God, He could have been anywhere else,He could have been doing anything..but my God chose to mould and chissel me.
You see,He could have chosen to sit at His throne and bask in the songs of praise sung by the Angels in ernest,but God,He chose to make my form..As the Psalmist sang,I too testify that He created my inward parts and knit me together in my mothers womb..
God could have been watching the beauty of nature,the splendours that tell of His works. 
But my God chose to take His time creating me. He took the time to carve my mind, He took the time to breathe a resolute spirit into my being..He took time to stand back and marvel at His work,He was satisfied... 
And it was all about me..

Candy Morrow

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Walk On
Our Father...

Fear's Worst Enemy

Black holes aren't just up in space, but right
here in my mind. Disguised as potential
hurt, maybes and doubts. They consume
all positive possibilities and even
probabilities. I keep losing vision of what
is, can be and should be because I'm stuck in a black hole called FEAR.

Taking up such a large space and taking up so
much of my time. Pondering on whether
I can and if I will, this black hole is out to
kill. Kill all my dreams, my aspirations
and even my destiny. What shall I do with this thing that has brewed up inside of me? This thing
that I harbor and rationalize with. I
compromise my destiny and even my
abilities because I gave this black hole
time to even consume my reasoning. The
power of the mind is powerful, but sometimes my power of choice turns me
into a fool. Choosing to give this thing so
much reign and accepting all destroyed
possibilities in pain! No more shall I let it roam free in my

I'll brew an opposing black hole. Yes.
Faith. This black hole is my solution.
Authored by God and sustained by Him, I
cannot lose this battle. This is one black
hole that results in a complete future. Fear must now guard itself for
now it has a formidable enemy. Fear will
know fear of my Faith. My Faith will
restore all I lost and could've lost by
reminding me of what can still be, no, of
what is for Faith is the substance of my possibilities, hopes and dreams. I now
realise my destiny in my present and am
prepared to accept it in my present. This
gift called Faith allows me to now live
without Fear because all I am has been
restored to all I'll be.

-Nigel Sibisi