Tuesday, 30 October 2012

When nothing is about me

When nothing is about me
Yet your quandary uproots me

When your world spirals in a hurricane
And my soul with it also, I pray for you
I close my eyes and dream of beauty
But only for a moment or two
And then I dream of you, and I pray for you

I don’t know who you are, but I have seen Sandy
Her menacing screams and irascible hand
And I prayed for you
I do not care to know your name
Only that your life is spared
We may one day meet, speak and dance together
And so I pray for you

When we dream under the same sky
Dark, acrimonious..all aesthetics jaded
You worlds away, engulfed in a sea of storms
Fear feeding at your helplessness and uncertainty
Tears and turmoil taking precedence over joy
When a cloud of sadness looms overhead
And your life seems given to eternal disruption

Your tears keep me awake
My heart bleeds for you
I may not know who you are
But know this, I pray for you.
I pray for your children, 
I pray that your life is spared

When nothing is about me
And yet my soul will not be still
I pray for you

Love: Candy Morrow

This letter was written for dVersepoets as a tribute to all New Yorkers and the East Coast at large. You are in our prayers, far as we may be in South Africa, we hear your cries and we pray for you.