Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sending you my love

Darling Former Lover

I write to send you my love

I cannot keep my love for you any longer
The love I carry for you is burdensome and it lays heavy on my heart
It erodes my soul and like a pregnant dam floods my eyes with tears

You may not be worth my forgiveness
But your resident love wipes your slate clean
It keeps the peace between you and I when my temper flares
My love for you understands when I refuse to see in your light
It imposes reason on me, armed with promises of a better tomorrow in love

The love I have for you calls softly on my heart and forms an ally against me
Whispers gently to my soul as they lay together adrift a cloud of mutual understanding
My love still smiles at the mention of your name
I would rather not hear you name at all
It still sees the best in you
When all I wish to see is a path leading away from you

I do not understand why my love behaves this way
I cannot fully understand the emotions I go through
What I do understand is that my love for you is a traitor
It longs to see your face, hear your voice and kiss your lips
It has vivid memories of your compassion and warmth
Love argues that it will not let you go
My love is Missing You in spite of me wishing you away

Please find enclosed my love for you
I do not have any use for it
I long for freedom, my heart and soul yearn for peace
Freedom that I shall feel sans the burden of my love for you
Please accept my love and set me free

Love lost:
Candy Morrow

 This poem was written for @dVersePoets with Stuart McPherson hosting the bar.. Meeting the bar..