Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lay my soul to rest

Lay my soul to rest....

A Dandelion blowing seeds in the wind. Stock Photo - 9872333

Lying carelessly in a vaccumn 
The shattered pieces remind me of you 
Life drawing them nimbly together 
I refuse love's healing balm 
I need no remedy for this heart 
Lest it be swept clean of you 

When I lay down to rest 
Your smile lingers before me 
Darting wildly across the room 
My eyes dance in warm pools 
If only I could hold your gaze 
Then maybe, you'd come back to me 

I need to hold your hand 
Listen to pearls of wisdom 
Hammered on an anvil of life 
Spread carefully amongst your own 
To bless, arm and to protect 
Bearing answers to questions to come 

Your love needs no introduction 
Its flows through my veins 
Cleanses my heart 
Rests on my soul 
Its mirrored through my eyes 
A testimony with each glance 

Lay my soul to rest 
Rid me of the bedlam I nurture 
Soak me in brine 
Abate the blight of heartache 
Stemming from my abstruse feelings 
The abbess of an austere mind 

I lay your soul to rest 
With my heart wide open 
I lay you to rest 
Drift away and let me live 
Lay my soul to rest 
And Rest In Peace 

Candy Morrow 

* A prose dedicated to the lingering souls of the loved one's we have lost and refuse to let go of* 
Image source: Google